Detox reviews!

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15th February 2017

Juices and food always taste great and really help me to stay on track as I find juicing alone too hard going! Alison's delivery service is always very reliable and I love the fact there's great flexibility with orders so you can get a combination of food/juices to suit your daily needs.

Lynsey Forrester

10th November 2016

Placed my first order with Juicy Ness this week and wow what an amazing service!! From placing the order to communication to the final delivery and trying out the items, everything was perfect. A lovely lass and so helpful too and the attention to detail is spot on too. I tried the wrap, overnight oats, yoghurt and energy balls and everything tasted delicious and so healthy and energising too. I VERY highly recommend Juicy Ness to everyone and cant wait to place my next order!! Thank you SO much again, Jen xx

Jenny Clewlow

13th November 2016

From start to finish Alison was amazing, quick responses to questions and messages mean you never feel alone or confused during the detox. I did the 3 day LBD detox and the juices are amazing, personalised bottles were a nice touch. Juices taste amazing and I loved the lemon shots and cinnamon drink. Daily delivery to my office made the process even easier. Highly recommend to anyone considering using Juicy-Ness xx

Emily Cerys Wilson

28th August 2016

I have finished the 2 juice 2 soup 5 day Detox yesterday. I have juiced many times before but as much as I love the benefits I really don't enjoy making my own juices, so having a box of frozen juice and soup delivered is so convenient! Alison's juices had a personalised label with the ingredients which was a lovely touch and exceed any juice detox I have tasted before as well as being good value! I love some of the flavours incorporated in them such as passion fruit and coriander. The soups were also delicious and a welcome warm meal. In the five days I found I lost my bloated tum and stomach troubles,I slept AMAZINGLY and my skin & eyes are so clear.I was also fuelled enough to still get out running fact 8 miles running up a hill on one occasion and I never felt hungry , I just looked forward to my juices and soups. I will def use again!!! Thank You Alison ! Xxx

Lisa Maclean

7th March 2016

This is my 2nd 5 day detox in 2 weeks and I have to say I'm feeling amazing and also feeling the benefits of weight loss, healthy skin etc xx

Sian Wilson

Bursting with flavour

Raw natural ingredients

Handmade from fresh

Packed with nutrients

Local delivery

Here at Juicy-Ness HQ we take the hassle out of being healthy! 

Our homemade detox juices, smoothies and soups are made to order in our custom built workshop using only the freshest produce and are delivered locally around Inverness each Sunday.

All our juices, smoothies & soups are Vegan and free from Gluten, Dairy and yeast.

The benefits of detox?

Get Energised

Reduce Bloating

Neutralise Toxins

Sleep Better

Our Juice Detox packages are designed to flood your system with nutrients. 

By removing the indigestible fibre through juicing, we allow the body to rest the digestive system, whilst restoring energy levels and ridding the body of the built up toxins found in processed food.  

Aiding weight loss and leaving you feeling energised, with reduced bloating, improved sleep patterns and skin complexion.