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JuicyNess offers a wide variety of detox packages including Juices, Smoothies and soups made to order.

Our detox juices, smoothies and soups are predominantly vegetable based and vary slightly depending on whats in season. All our juices & soups are Vegan and free from gluten. Please advise of any intolerance's or allergies when booking. 

Individual ingredients will vary week to week based on produce and customer intolerance's however we will always have an avocado based green smoothie, a mango based fruit smoothie, a refreshing beetroot based juice and a zingy carrot based juice each week.

Juice Detox

Our Juice Only Detox package consists of 2 500ml juices & 2 500ml smoothies. The smoothies are designed to fill you up at the start and end of the day (using avocado or banana to create a thicker consistency) and 2 lighter juices for through the day which are refreshing and filling. This package will get the best results for weigh loss, reduced bloating, improved energy levels and skin complexion.

Soup Detox

Our soup detox packages give you the option to replace a juice or two with a filling soup which is warmed up at home. All our soups are made from stock which is free from gluten and dairy. Perfect for anyone with an intolerance. Our most popular package, this option offers all the benefits of a full juice detox however some feel it is easier having something warm to sit down with at lunch, dinner or both... especially on a cold day!

Fitness and Nutrition Plans

Alison offers online fitness coaching to clients in the UK, US, Canada and France - coaching clients through workout programs from the comfort of their own homes as an online coach. If you'd like to join Alison's online fitness and health community for full 12 months access to at home workouts, meal guides and daily support and accountability, please click the contact tab and get in touch!

Soup & Juice Detox

2 juices + 2 Soups Daily

1 Day 2S/2J Detox

2 Day 2S/2J Detox

3 Day 2S/2J Detox

4 Day 2S/2J Detox

5 Day 2S/2J Detox

5+ Days available on request

Soup & Juice Detox

3 500ml Juices + 1 Soup Daily

1 Day 3J/1S Detox

2 Day 3J/1S Detox

3 Day 3J/1S Detox

4 Day 3J/1S Detox

5 Day 3J/1S Detox


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5+ Days available on request

Juice Detox

4 x 500ml Juices Daily

1 Day Juice Detox

2 Day Juice Detox

3 Day Juice Detox

4 Day Juice Detox

5 Day Juice Detox


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5+ Days available on request

Wee Juicy Mobile Smoothie Bar

Individual Juices, Smoothies, Soups & Meal Deal

Pre-Order and we will be in contact for you to arrange delivery or collection on a day/ time that suits you from our Mobile Smoothie Bar! We will update this page weekly with availability! Orders can also be placed for same day delivery on Inverness Eats food delivery app.

Wednesday 30th June - Local delivery around Inverness
Thursday 1st - Sunday 4th July - Collection from Wee Juicy, Inshes Park, between 10-3pm

Wednesday 7th July - Local delivery around Inverness
Thursday 8th - Sunday 11th July - CLOSED FOR CAPERS IN CANNICH FESTIVAL

Wednesday 14th July - Local delivery around Inverness
Thursday 15th - Friday 16th July - Collection from Wee Juicy, Inshes Park, between 10-3pm
Saturday 17th July - TAIN COMMUNITY MARKET 10-2pm

Thursday 22nd - Sunday 25th July - CLOSED FOR CAPERS IN CANNICH FESTIVAL

Thursday 29th July - Sunday 1st August - Collection from Wee Juicy, Inshes Park, between 10-3pm

Individual Soup

Individual Juice / Smoothie

5 x Breakfast Smoothies (fridge/freezer pack)

Month supply breakfast juices / smoothies (20 juices)

Wee Juicy Smoothie Meal Deal - smoothie/juice & Vegan Roast Veg & Basil Pastry Parcel (pre-order to arrange delivery / collection)

Wee Juicy Soup Meal Deal - Soup of The Day & Vegan Roast Veg & Basil Pastry Parcel (pre-order to arrange delivery / collection)

Wee Juicy Breakfast Meal Deal - Smoothie/Juice & Vegan GF Flapjack (pre-order to arrange delivery / collection)

Optional Extras

Available to add onto any order.

Ginger & Lemon Shot

Ginger & Lemon Shot Freezer Pack (30 shots)


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Bursting With Flavour

Raw Natural Ingredients

Handmade From Fresh

Packed With Nutrients

Local & National Delivery

Here at JuicyNess HQ we take the hassle out of being healthy! 

Our homemade detox juices, smoothies and soups are made to order in our custom built workshop using only the freshest produce.

All our juices, smoothies & soups are Vegan and free from Gluten, Dairy and anything processed.

Catch "Wee Juicy" our vintage horsebox mobile smoothie bar out and about at local events for your on the go smoothie fix!

The benefits of detox?

Get Energised

Reduce Bloating

Neutralise Toxins

Sleep Better

Our Juice Detox packages are designed to flood your system with nutrients. 

By removing the indigestible fibre through juicing, we allow the body to rest the digestive system, whilst restoring energy levels and ridding the body of the built up toxins found in processed food.  

Aiding weight loss and leaving you feeling energised, with reduced bloating, improved sleep patterns and skin complexion.