We all strive to live a healthier lifestyle

I'd like to share how I got to where I am today and why I'm so passionate about JuicyNess and helping others lead their healthiest lives.

To me it's not a quick fix or a fad diet, looking after my body and eating healthy is now a lifestyle and juicing has played a massive part in realising that. Before my first juice detox I ate what my old self would describe as a "normal" diet. Processed food, wine, takeaways, junk food, veggies and fruit featured sparingly and my water intake was almost non existent. And I felt "normal".

I can't remember what compelled me to complete a juice detox that first time, but what I do remember is I felt damn good after it! It was hard, but by day 5 I was full of energy, I'd lost almost 8lbs and best of all my anxiety and insomnia issues had all but disappeared. I felt so good that going back to "normal" wasn't an option. 

Instead of craving junk I wanted fresh, instead of wine I wanted water, and instead of buying in processed foods I started to enjoy cooking at home.

I now incorporate a juice into my daily diet and "detox" every 6-8wks. To date I'm almost 34lbs lighter than when I started exercising and looking after my body. It's taken me a long long time and juicing helps me maintain it. I'm healthier, happier and more confident than ever before. And yes, I still enjoy a glass of wine at the weekends!

Juicy-Ness was born out of my passion, I wanted everyone to know how good their bodies are designed to feel and my aim is to make it as hassle free as possible to incorporate juicing and healthy eating into daily life.

Alison x

Bursting with flavour

Raw natural ingredients

Handmade from fresh

Packed with nutrients

Local delivery

Here at Juicy-Ness HQ we take the hassle out of being healthy! 

Our homemade detox juices, smoothies and soups are made to order in our custom built workshop using only the freshest produce and are delivered locally around Inverness each Sunday.

All our juices, smoothies & soups are Vegan and free from Gluten, Dairy and yeast.

The benefits of detox?

Get Energised

Reduce Bloating

Neutralise Toxins

Sleep Better

Our Juice Detox packages are designed to flood your system with nutrients. 

By removing the indigestible fibre through juicing, we allow the body to rest the digestive system, whilst restoring energy levels and ridding the body of the built up toxins found in processed food.  

Aiding weight loss and leaving you feeling energised, with reduced bloating, improved sleep patterns and skin complexion.