Tools to make your juice detox a success!

Detox Symptoms

You will be left feeling energised and revitalised although some may experience detox symptoms during the first few days which are good to know in advance!

Those who consume a lot of processed food or fizzy drinks may experience symptoms as your body is withdrawing from stimulants such as caffeine and additives so expect headaches, tiredness and being a bit more irritable than usual!  

The body detoxes itself naturally however if it is continuously being filled with processed foods, sugary snacks and fizzy drinks it's a never ending cycle and results will never be seen whether that be for weight loss or health reasons. Breaking this cycle and withdrawing from these cravings will help you create the building blocks for leading a healthier lifestyle.


On the days leading up to your juice Detox please avoid the temptation to eat everything you can get your hands on! 

This will only make your detox harder as your withdrawal symptoms from the toxins located in 'junk food' will be greater. 

Try eating light meals and if you are a heavy tea or coffee drinker start to cut down to reduce your caffeine intake whilst at the same time upping your water intake. 

This pre-detox will reduce the likelihood of headaches, tiredness and will help you feel energised quicker and get the most from your detox.


Your juice Detox consists of 4 x 500ml bottles or soups labelled in order 1-4. Please stick to this order to avoid dips in energy levels and remember to drink water in between. 

Replace your usual cup of tea or coffee with hot lemon or peppermint tea, please try and avoid green tea as it contains caffeine and strictly no alcohol!

It takes a few days for the withdrawal symptoms to subside and the juicy energy to kick in, but once it does expect to be on a juicy high from day 3 onward! 

Energy levels will improve, you will sleep better and with the added bonus of being a few lbs lighter you'll get a great sense of achievement!


You'll feel energised, alert and be able to think clearer after detoxing as well as sleeping better and having a feeling of accomplishment from shedding those excess lbs. 

The last thing anyone wants is to slip into old eating habits and be back at square one so follow these simple steps to stay on track...

Introduce light wholesome food, avoid processed snacks. Try pure oats with berries for breakfast, a homemade soup or a salad for lunch and fish or chicken with steamed veggies and sweet potato for dinner.  Snack between meals on fruit or a small handful of nuts.

See our recipe page for healthy meals or continue with a daily juice package where you can continue to have 1 or 2 juices a day to be consumed as part of a balanced diet.

If you'd like continued support you can access our follow on plan here where you receive access to the JuicyNess #SweatyMessClub for ongoing fitness and nutrition support.

Bursting with flavour

Raw natural ingredients

Handmade from fresh

Packed with nutrients

Local delivery

Here at Juicy-Ness HQ we take the hassle out of being healthy! 

Our homemade detox juices, smoothies and soups are made to order in our custom built workshop using only the freshest produce and are delivered locally around Inverness each Sunday.

All our juices, smoothies & soups are Vegan and free from Gluten, Dairy and yeast.

The benefits of detox?

Get Energised

Reduce Bloating

Neutralise Toxins

Sleep Better

Our Juice Detox packages are designed to flood your system with nutrients. 

By removing the indigestible fibre through juicing, we allow the body to rest the digestive system, whilst restoring energy levels and ridding the body of the built up toxins found in processed food.  

Aiding weight loss and leaving you feeling energised, with reduced bloating, improved sleep patterns and skin complexion.