Have a Juice. Detox. Live the benefits.

Bursting with flavour

Raw natural ingredients

Handmade from fresh

Packed with nutrients

Nationwide delivery

Here at Juicy-Ness HQ we take the hassle out of being healthy! 

Making homemade detox juices, smoothies and soups by hand daily in our custom built workshop using only the freshest produce! We deliver our juice cleanse programs direct to you each morning (Inverness only) or offer the option to receive your order in bulk frozen to conveniently store at home, frozen bulk orders can also be couriered nationwide!

We have a product to suit everyone, from individual juices and soups, meal deals perfect for busy breakfasts and lunches on the go, right through to full weight loss detox packages to cleanse and reboot!

All our juices, smoothies & soups are Vegan and free from Gluten, Dairy and yeast.

*NEW!* Check out our new local delivery menu! Including healthy breakfasts, lunches and snacks for delivery in Inverness daily!

The benefits of detox?

Get Energised

Reduce Bloating

Neutralise Toxins

Sleep Better

Our Juice Detox packages are designed to flood your system with nutrients. By removing the indigestible fibre through juicing, we allow the body to rest the digestive system, whilst restoring energy levels and ridding the body of the built up toxins found in processed food.  Aiding weight loss and leaving you feeling energised, with reduced bloating, improved sleep patterns and skin complexion.